NxtGn Video

Our proprietary new video platform, featuring Avyda™ Powered by Telarix, delivers high-definition video services, including video calling, telepresence, teleconferencing, video mail, and combined video and audio only conference services on wired and wireless networks at low fixed costs and low per-minute rates. NxtGn Video makes telepresence affordable for smaller businesses that can’t afford high connection fees and monthly service charges for dedicated MPLS circuits.

The NxtGn Video platform delivers all the functions of a distributed cloud-based HD video network integrated with a traditional voice network. The NxtGn Video platform is unique in the industry because it can seamlessly integrate into existing voice networks while allowing video endpoints to communicate with each other and with voice-only devices. This allows transparent extension of existing networks into next-generation HD video networks without interruption of user services, a significant competitive advantage.

NxtGn Video’s advanced routing, OSS, and BSS functions provide seamless integration into existing network operators by using standard based protocols for routing, billing, access control, provisioning, and monitoring functions. The core of the platform is the NxtGn Video Server, which acts as a video gatekeeper, signaling and media router, video call monitor, and video call state analyzer. The NxtGn Video Server can act as a standalone network element or as a distributed cloud based hierarchical component.

Using the remarkable new NxtGn Video platform, in 2012, our client Next Communications will begin offering HD video for US$0.25 per minute in the USA, and US$0.50 per minute internationally, to Internet cafes, locutorios, call centers, and other enterprise clients located throughout the world.

NxtGn Video’s basic functions include: